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Butterfield Herbert, The Origins of Modern Science 1300 – 1800

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Chaunu Pierre, Le temps des Réformes. Historie religieuse et système de civilization. La Crise de la chrétienté. L’Èclatement (1250-1550)

Time of Reforms (1250 – 1550): Religion and Civilization. Crisis of Christendom – The Split

Delumeau Jean, Le péché et la peur, La culpabilisation en Occident (XIII – XVIII siecles)

Sin and Fear: The Emergence of the Western Guilt Culture, 13th-18th Centuries
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Review – 7 pages, summary – 21 pages

Duchesne Ricardo, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization

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Essay review – 37 pages

Dyson George D., Darwin Among the Machines. The evolution of global intelligence

Greene Brian, The Fabric of the Cosmos. Space, Time, And the Texture of Reality

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Grant Edward, The Foundations of Modern Science in the Middle Ages

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Jaki Stanley, The Savior of Science”

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Jones Eric Lionel, The European Miracle. Environments, economies, and geopolitics in the history of Europe and Asia

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Review – 5 pages, summary – 42 pages

Kłoczowski Jerzy, Europa. Chrześcijańskie korzenie

Europe: Christian Roots
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5 pages

Landes David, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations

Author of the review: Radosław Kawczyński

Landes David, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations

Author of the review: Andre Gunder Frank

Pacey Arnold, Technology In World Civilization

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Review – 3 pages, summary – 14 pages

Plantinga Alvin, God, Freedom and Evil

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Shapin Steven, The Scientific Revolution

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Simon Marcel, La Civilization de L’Antiquité et le Christianisme

The Civilization of Ancient Christianity

Whitehead Alfred N., Science and the Modern World

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Woods Thomas, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

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Wright Robert, Nonzero. The Logic of Human Destiny

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