Jacek Kwaśniewski


Jacek Kwaśniewski

Jacek Kwasniewski has PhD in economics. He wrote four books (on Sovietology, the World History, two on privatization) and more than 50 articles and reviews on economics, Sovietology, the theory of science, the theory of religion and the World History. Additionally, he’s the author of hundreds of articles in Polish underground press in 80s.

Jacek Kwaśniewski was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta by the President of the Republic of Poland for extraordinary and distinguished service (info) and decorated with US Secretary of Defense Award for Exceptional Public Service (Citation). He was also an activist of the illegal democratic opposition movement in communist Poland in 70. and 80.

Areas of scientific interest

  • at present: the theory and history of civilization, philosophy of science, cultural anthropology, theology
  • in the past: the theory of the functioning of the communist systems, economics, privatization.

Since 2005   an independent scholar, investment banking adviser, economic expert.

In 2003 – 2004   Mr Kwaśniewski served as the Deputy Director of Private Sector Development Department (director Tom Foley) in the Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad, Iraq. Responsible for preparation of the privatization law and privatization program proposals for the Iraqi goverment. The author of the International Partnering Program for the joint-ventures of Iraqi and foreign companies. Also the author of the first privatization textbook for Iraqi officials.

Between 1992 – 2003   he worked in Business Management & Finance SA (BMF) as the director and the member of the Management Board. BMF was the Polish mergers & acquisition company, highly succesfull in privatization and turn-around projects. During 1992 – 2002 BMF finalized M&A projects worth totally over bn 8 US dollars.

During 1990 – 1991   Mr Kwaśniewski served in the Polish Ministry of Finance and next the Ministry of Privatization. He was a member of Government in the special task force, responsible for the preparation of the legal and organizational foundations for the privatization of state-owned economy (in the first Polish post-communist government). The author of the first Polish privatization program. Later he served as the director in the newly created Ministry of Privatization and acting deputy minister.

Between 1975 – 1990   Academic teacher at the University of Lodz (Poland), Faculty of Economics. Fields of interest: ideological roots of the communist system, the emergence of Soviet-type countries, analysis of political and economic system in communist countries. Doctor’s thesis was completed in late 70. but due to political repressions (1981-82 in prison, in 1983 the author was deprived of doctoral degree, 1984 unfair dismissal from academic post, etc.) was finally granted in 1989.

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