On photography


Video editing. Example of 2013 summer holiday movie

2014, [in Polish], Instruction for all having video gear who want to make better movies but cannot find clear instruction for amateur. Text is a detailed description of step-by-step work on 100 minute video taken last year in known Polish resort. The result is 14 minute video for family and 8 minute video for friends; file size – 336 KB,  16 pages

Video editing. Example of 2014 summer holidays movies

2015, [in Polish], file size – 260 KB,  6 pages

Nikon D7000. Quality of prints from shots taken in low light 

Analysis of prints and on-line 100% fragments. Prints from photos ISO 800 – ISO 25600, print sizes 10 x 15 cm – 40 x 60 cm. (4×6 – 16×24). Low light: f/2,8 1/20 – 1/30 sec. (photos courtesy of www.imaging-resource.com). Based on that analysis – tables of practical usability of Nikon D7000 in low light. The assessment results from discussion of six photographers, amateurs and professionals. Conclusion: very good camera but only marginally better than D90 as far as quality of low light photos are concerned.

Sum up: Quality of low light, high ISO photos from D7000 is very high but only marginally better than from D90. D7000 is very good camera but dissapoints me in the most important aspect: the improvement of photo quality in really difficult light conditions. If you do not need 16 MB sensor, HD, front and back focus in-camera corrections I do not see any reason to change D90 for D7000. Personally, I have D80, I did not buy D90 waiting for even better next generation Nikon APS stuff. Now I regret. D90 is the excellent camera and its successor takes very similar photos. And all D7000 gadgetry aimed at luring me to buy it… I do not simply need them. (2011, January 21)

Canon G7 versus Panasonic FZ50. Photos quality at different ISO 

2006, 2007, [in Polish], Two charts showing the quality of prints from both cameras in various ISO levels and in various prints sizes; file size 150 KB, 1 page.

How to read MTF charts 

2009, [in Polish], How to Read MTF Chart. MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) is one of the measurements that evaluates a lens’ performance, and it contrast sensitivity at different spatial frequencies; file size 150KB, 1 page.

How to make simple shadowless photos of commercial products (with photos)

Rok 2010, [in Polish],  How to make good photos of products sold through Internet – instruction for dummies; file size 600 kB, 5 pages.

How to make: panorama stitching of the interior of District Hall in Warsaw (with photos)

2008, [in Polish], How to make multi-row photo panorama stitching. The example of the interior of Warsaw (Poland) Bemowo District Hall, slide presentation for Bemowo-Warsaw Photo Association, file size 1.8 MB, 25 slides.

Some tips how to make multi row panoramas

2008, [in Polish], Some tips how to make multi-row panorama stitchings with free Autostitch software. The engine used in that software was quite good. More advanced users can buy Color Autopano Pro with the same engine but with hundreds of useful tools; file size 120 kB, 3 pages.

Nikon D90 versus Canon 50D in high ISO range

2008, [in Polish], Detailed analysis of both DSLRs using test photos from the professional lab. On-screen analysis and the analysis of the prints (in. 8×12, 12×18, 16×24). Photos at ISO from 800 to ISO 12800, taken in daylight and in the low light. To facilitate the comparison, Nikon and Canon photos are presented together in pairs; file size 2.3 MB, 36 slides.

Example of making photo panorama (with photos)

2009, [in Polish], detailed description how I made panorama of long and very narrow room. Panorama with FOV of 180 degrees encompassing two opposite windows. I made that panorama stitching in two versions, using small compact camera and DSLR Nikon D90 and free panorama stitching software AutoPano and professional software AutoPano Pro; slide presentation for Warsaw Photo Association, file size 2.2 MB, 19 slides.

Before you make your first photo exhibition: practical tips

2007, [in Polish], dozens of practical tips how to prepare your first photo exhibition. What to do, and how, and when, and what not to do after you got the proposal to prepare your photo exhibition. Eg.: time management, number of works, sizes and practical addresses, frames; file size 150 KB, 7 pages.